Cloud Chaos – Sample Pack (30ml)

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Cloud Chaos - Sample Pack - Cloud Chaos Australia
Cloud Chaos – Sample Pack (30ml)


6 x 30 ml bottles of our premium, chaotic, flavourful crafted Juice!

That’s a huge 180 ml of juice for $59.

But be careful, once you try them, you’ll want more!

Churro Cane NEW!

Freshly baked Churro’s seasoned with cinnamon sugar, dipped in the creamiest vanilla ice-cream.

This exquisite desert will Tear through those sweet-tooth cravings like a hurricane!

Custard Chaos

A mouth watering, Caramel infused, French Vanilla Custard.  Perfect on a cold morning with a fresh hot espresso.


A delicious explosion of watermelon and lemonade.

The perfect drink-flavoured grenade

Blue Blade

Blueberries! Floating around a big glass of lemonade.

Ready to slice through your thirst…

Sinner Man

A Cinnamon tea cake with a light Vanilla Custard Drizzled over the top.

The whisper in your ear says “Sin some more”

Black Plague

Freshly picked Blackcurrants blended with tangy, yet sweet Raspberries.

This Juice will spread like the Black Plague

Be Part of the Chaos today……