Cloud Chaosmanufactures small batch premium e-liquids, crafted with precision to leave you wanting more and yet at the same time incredibly satisfied.

In this day and age, we understand the value of a dollar, this is why we strive to keep our products costs as low as possible while maintaining an extremely high quality. Vaping is forever evolving so we try to keep up with the latest trends.

While we don’t carry as many products as some stores, you can rest assured, that the products we make available are of the highest standard. Our customers are our top priority, we thrive on our Customer Service excellence, enjoy a chat and will ensure that we provide the most accurate advice we possibly can to suit your needs.

So drop us an email or a message through our facebook page, more than happy to have a chat and share knowledge….. This is what makes the vape community so great!

Many thanks

Cloud Chaos

Please Note: We do NOT sell, gift or give Nicotine, so please do not ask as refusal may offend.